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What are cookies?

Cookies" and similar technologies are covered by the EU Directive on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in electronic communications.

These cookies are not personal: they identify the computer, not its user. Session cookies are only necessary and important during a session to display all information correctly. Only a persistent cookie remains on the visitor's computer until it is deleted.

Cookies do not disclose or contain any personal information. Cookies can not read information from your computer or interact with other cookies on your hard drive.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies serve to ensure the functionality of the website. Cookies allow us to make a smooth visit to this website possible and, if necessary, recognize your computer on a later visit.

Which Cookies are used?

How can I reject and delete cookies?

After leaving our domain, the session cookies are deleted without leaving a trace.

You can delete cookies yourself at any time, as cookies may be recreated when called.

You can change your decision by using the cookie configuration.

at any time. You may continue to visit these sites, but some functions may be affected.

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